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Bethiah Thomason Correspondence
I am not an "African American". I am not a Christian or member of any other religious group or organization....
     I am by blood a Yahsharalite of the Tribe of Yahudah. My ancestors did not come to these shores or lands as refugees, tourists or immigrants, but were forcibly kidnapped against their will onto slave ships in chains during the Transatlantic Slave Holocaust; which was bank rolled and encouraged by the Catholic Church, Christianity, Ashkenazim and Europeans. (Duet. 28:68)
     It is high time that all so-called "Negroes" awake out of their sleep, in order to recognize and embrace their true identity and heritage in the Most High Yahuah/Yahusha MessiYAH!
    We must repent not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors who broke Covenant with our Yahuah Alohim and follow Yahusha MessiYAH, for He is our only Hope as Kinsman Redeemer.
    Let us come into the knowledge that we are the true "Bride of MessiYAH", and make ourselves ready for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb at His reappearing. (Rev. 19:7)
Yahusha's Call

This Prophet is sent in these last times to bring hope and restoration to the disbursed elect of the Most High and judgement to the world at large by the written word of YAHUAH.


           Yahusha's Call

 Creator ~ ABBA-Yahuah ~ YAH of Yahsharal ~ Yahusha MessiYAH ~ Kinsman Redeemer ~ King of kings

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